Projects have fixed dates, beginning and ending date.

Programs are on-going activities without an ending period.

There are no fixed dates to apply and all programs are on-going. You can find the application form to apply on the page of each program. List of all programs

Yes, WASLA welcomes new suggestions; please contact us via email info@wasla.de

Link-Up Program

Organizations, schools, universities, etc. located in Germany or any country around the world can apply to request speakers having an Arabic background.

The Program accepts applications of institutions, not individuals.

However, in case you have an Arabic background and you want to be a speaker on a voluntary base, please send your C.V, motivation letter and list of topics which you can speak about to info@wasla.de


We Are One Program

We Are One Program is opened to German Political parties and institutions, as well as to German citizens aged 18+


Women in Action Program

Women in Action Program is opened only to Women with Arabic background who are living in Germany or who are living in one of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe


Edu-Advising Center

It offers support to Arab students who want to study in Germany or in one of the European countries.


Publishing Unit 

It is mainly opened to Arab Diaspora writers and authors who are living in one of the 27 member states of the European Union

We also welcome applications coming from European writers, authors and artists who are interested in running activities, publishing or developing projects together with Arab writers, authors and artists in Diaspora or in MENA region.

We can guide you how to find a partner institution to organize workshops and, also, we can help you to find the perfect donor to implement your project.


You can find more information on each program page. List of all programs

The most common set of criteria we will be looking when selecting our individuals participants are:

  1. Good analytical skills and ability to identify problems
  2. Team spirit with ability to establish and maintain good relationships with people of different national and cultural background
  3. Ability to display initiatives, and to work with minimal supervision
  4. Computer skills and ability to use relevant software applications, in particular information databases, internet /intranet services, library sources, etc., when needed
  5. Excellent research and drafting skills, when needed
  6. Proficiency in one of the working language of WASLA, English, German and/ or Arabic is essential. Knowledge of another language would also be considered as a strong asset.

You can find the main criteria on the page of each program. List of all programs

If you have any inquires regarding the participation criteria of a program, please contact us via email info@wasla.de


We kindly ask for your understanding and patience as we are working on a voluntary base and we are receiving huge number of applications.

The application results will be different from one program to another.

It will take 1-2 months to announce the results of your application and the reply will be sent via email.

We will do our best to find the best opportunity for you.

The program coordinator and jury meet in the last week of each month and try to match your request and qualification with the most suitable opportunity.


You can contact our support team to offer your further counselling and guidance for applying for future projects.

Link-Up Program

We will send the contacts details of the speaker/s who will attend the event and all information regarding the logistics.


We Are One Program


WASLA will send a monthly Newsletter via email listing all internship opportunities available to all registered interns. Then, interns will select the suitable internship for them from the list.

Interns will be invited for interview before starting the on-site or online internship and sign a learning agreement.

Also, at the end of the internship, interns will be asked to fill in a questionnaire to evaluate their internship and share their experience.


Political parties and institutions

We will send the contacts details of the selected intern/s, the C.Vs and facilitate a meeting between a representative of the Political party /institution and the selected intern/s, when required.

In case there are no available interns for a precise period, WASLA will launch a call among the registered interns and an external call for participation via social media channels as well.


Women in Action Program

WASLA will contact applicants and nominees via email to arrange an online meeting with the team responsible for this program.


Edu-Advising Center

WASLA will send an invitation via email to attend an informative session online to all registered users who filled in the application form on Edu-Adivising Center page.

There will be organized an orientation session twice per year by WASLA.


Publishing Unit

WASLA will send an invitation via email to attend an online meeting with the unit coordinator.

Please, inform us as soon as possible that you want to withdraw your application, so as, we can give other applicants on the waiting list the opportunity to join our programs.

Please, contact the person responsible for the project you applied for and he/ she will help you solve any obstacles that you might be facing during your participation.


Link-Up Program

If the organization that decided to host an event wants to cancel their participation after the on-site location and all information was confirmed via email; the organization will have to cover any expenses spent by WASLA and/ or speaker in the preparation phase of the event, such as, travel ticket, hotel booking, traditional food and clothes, etc.


We Are One Program

If an intern or a political institution wants to cancel the participation during an internship, an email should be sent to WASLA at least one week in advance presenting the reasons for canceling the participation to the program.

Also, the intern or the political institution can contact WASLA to solve any obstacles faced during the internship program.


Women in Action Program

If a participant wants to cancel her participation after signing the participation agreement, the participant will pay all costs related to any materials, books, etc. that mentioned her personal data or information.


Edu-Advising Center

If you want to cancel your participation to the orientation session, please send an email info@wasla.de at least two weeks before the announced informative session,


Publishing Unit

If a participant wants to cancel her/ his participation after signing the participation agreement, the participant will pay all costs related to any materials, books, etc. that mentioned her/ his personal data or information.

Yes, WASLA can issue an experience letter or an attendance certificate, if the participants finished their participation successfully.