Are all Arabic people Muslims?

Are Arabic people terrorists?

Are Arab Women Oppressed?


All Arabic people are Muslims

All Muslims are Arab

Arab Women are Oppressed

Arabic people are Terrorists

Muslims do not beleive in Jesus

All Arabic people have the same culture


It is a natural tendency to sort people into groups according to common characteristics and give these groups a label. This helps us to understand our own world.

However, labels, prejudice and stereotyping can be very blatantly incorrect and emotionally damaging.

Stereotypes of Arabs and/or Muslims have been present in different forms in all cultures. These predominately negative representations can be observed in a society’s media, literature and other creative expressions and can also have adverse repercussions for Arab Germans and Muslims in everyday life.


Being an Arab and/ or Muslim in Europe tend to be mistrusted and vulnerable.

The widespread antipathy to Arabs and/or Muslims can cause instability and increase violence.

The Link-up Program aims to foster dialogue between cultures and people for enhancing the quality of life in the German communities.

The core concept is to connect Arabic people from all backgrounds living in Germany with German people and increase understanding about Arabs and/ or Muslim citizens.

The Link-up Program is part of the Arabisch Deutsches Center für Dialog - WASLA e. V. activities and opened free of charge to all German people, schools and organizations.


Stereotype world: THE MIDDLE EAST SPEAKS UP!


How does it work?

Arabic people will be invited as guest speakers to attend the on-site or online events. They will be asked to introduce themselves and talk about cultural aspects. There will be time allocated to a question and answer session.

The main goals of these events are to facilitate an open and empathetic dialogue as well as to deepen understanding of diversity in the 21st century.

The structure of events will be adapted to the interest of the audience and will not include scientific or academic presentations.

The discussions may be conducted in English and/ or German languages.


How to request an event?

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