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Ambassadors for Dialogue (ADYPE)

In a world that is more interconnected, interdependent and globalised than ever before, the Arab Diaspora Young People in Europe – ADYPE intends to represent the interest of young Arabic people living in Europe and encourage their active citizenship in a productive dialogue between the European community and MENA region.

ADYPE envisions a world in which Arab youth in Europe can join their efforts to contribute to the sustainable development of Europe and MENA region.

ADYPE promotes the “triple win” principle – benefits for the Arab Diaspora of young people, the host country and the home country. Regular meetings in the home and host countries are essentials for keeping ADYPE members engaged, informed and involved. These meetings offer a friendly safe space for young Arab to be listened and feel part of a global entity.

ADYPE aims to build bridges of knowledge, resources, expertise, markets and networks by connecting young Arabic people living in Europe, who are active in the civil society organizations or who would like to get actively involved in this field.


  1. to encourage cooperation between the Arabic Diaspora young people living in Europe
  2. to foster social inclusion and integration
  3. to uphold the human rights and well-being of young Arabic people living in Europe
  4. to strengthen ethnic pride and assertiveness
  5. to connect young Arabic people with key stakeholders from civil society and international institutions
  6. to engage young Arabic people in decision making policies for ensuring the socio-cultural and economic development
  7. to reinforce the cooperation between youth from Europe and MENA countries



ADYPE accepts applications for membership from individuals aged 18-35 having Arabic background and living in Europe.



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