Partners of the Erasmus+ SHE Project met between the 18th - 19th April 2022, in Les Ulis, France for the short-term joint staff training events: Together for Gender Equality.
The sessions increased participants' theoretical knowledge about topics such as “Domestic violence and its forms”, “Factors that influence or increase the risk of becoming perpetrators or victims of a violent act”, “The most common forms of domestic violence and abuse which are easy confused with your partner’s care “, “Stockholm syndrome and domestic violence”, Patriarchal mentality as a cause of domestic violence”.

During the sessions, partners exchanged examples of good practices related to the topic, provided practical methods and strategies useful in guidance and counseling victims of domestic violence and victims protection.
The topic of human rights was explored in relation with women rights in order to combat and prevent domestic violence. 

Lidia Nistor, from WASLA, presented the Istanbul Convention in a new approach in connection with national legislation of each partner country.

Participants worked into small groups to discuss non-formal education method for familiarizing their target groups with the Iceberg of Domestic Violence and the Triangle of violence composed by Direct violence (intimidates and represses), Structural violence (institutionalizes) and Cultural violence (internalizes) which are interdependent, feeding and perpetuating each other. 
A session having as topic Patriarchal mentality as a cause of domestic violence containing information about the definition of patriarchy, its history, relationships between women and men in monotheistic religious believes and patriarchal thinking nowadays offered participants the possibility to reocgnize different characteristics of patriarchal mentality in partner countries. 
All participants consider that the objectives of the meeting were reached and that they increased their skills and knowledge in implementing local sessions related to the topic of domestic violence.