During the holy and happy month of Ramadan, the blessings of Iftar multiply when it is shared with others.

Mostafa Abbas, president of WASLA, organised on the 23rd April 2022, the Iftar for members and volunteers of WASLA. 

It was a great honour this year to have as a special guest, Dr. Bahar Haghanipour, the vice president of the Parliament in Berlin.

WASLA representatives presented the local, national and international activities that aim to encourage international understanding, cultural dialogue and youth empowerment.

The artistic moment was ensured by artists who are proud to promote traditional songs from the Euro-Mediterraneaan area. Ms. Reem Mamoun Mahayni created the pieces of art illustrating the arts of the Islamic world from the Umayyad Era.

Ramadan is undoubtedly the most anticipated time of the year for Muslims, and so is the occasion of Iftar! Iftar (Arabic: إفطار رمضان) is a meal taken by Muslim at sundown to break the daily fasting during Ramadan. 

More than four million Muslims who live in Germany celebrate the month of Ramadan and practice their daily Ramadan rituals in accordance with their customs.